How to get what you Want!

Imagine you could get what you want… Just suppose you could achieve your goal… How would this feel? How would life change for you ?

Have you ever found in the past you have set out to achieve something and to begin with you are full of motivation, going for it with great gusto, and then… it all dries up.

What once seemed like a great idea, no longer has the appeal. Life takes over and it often gets put to one side and forgotten.

There are many reasons why goals are not achieved.

Here are the most common ones.

  • The goal is too large or unrealistic
  • Timescale you have allowed to reach it
  • Motivation
  • It is not in line with your Values and Beliefs
  • Fear; this could be of failure, or (interestingly) of success
  • Self belief or lack of
  • Lack of resources or resourcefulness
  • You have told the wrong people about it!

Any of those sound familiar?

I think we can all relate to some of those, if not all. So if we look at these in turn

When setting a goal be realistic, the goal could be so big that the sheer size of it can be overwhelming. Set smaller goals as stepping stones to towards reaching your ultimate desire. This way you can measure the progress and celebrate the smaller achievements. This helps your motivation and keep you on track.

When setting a goal it is important that you have an end date in mind. You may have a particular date in mind to reach the ultimate goal but the smaller stepping stones should have dates too. When working with a Life Coach, they will help you to plan and hold yourself accountable for the work you do towards this.

Motivation is the propelling force that moves us forward. Sometimes this dwindles during the process.

  • Ask yourself WHY you are wanting this goal?

    • Is it for you or for someone else?
    • Is your goal to gain something?
    • or  simply because you do not want the consequences of not reaching it.

These simple questions play a big part in your drive to achievement.

Our values and beliefs are the reasons you do what you do. They are what are important to us. Sometimes goals are set but they do not sit in line with our values and beliefs, unconsciously we self sabotage them. Be aware of this and ask yourself, “Who else will be affected by this when I reach my goal?” or “What is it that does not feel right to me?”.

Fear!! That old chestnut again!..

Striving towards something can be an unnerving experience for some. Often we will have to go outside our comfort zone in order to achieve. This alone can be enough for some to procrastinate and give up. The fear they will fail.

Surprisingly, success can be a daunting prospect too. That can come with extra pressure and stress as well as the reward. Take that leap and go with it. Remember there is no failure just feedback. Even if the feedback is it didn’t work that way.

This brings me onto self belief, or the lack of it.

The limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves are the main reason that stops us from doing what it takes. If you tell yourself you can’t do something then you wont be able too.

As Henry Ford quite rightly put it…

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.

Henry Ford

Your unconscious mind will support you in finding all the reasons why you can’t or haven’t been able to in the past. It looks for evidence to back up your thinking, just as it would if you have been successful at something and can do it.

Hypnotherapy can help address the source of these beliefs that you hold and reinforce positive suggestions.

A goal is often put off by the lack of resources; this could be knowledge, planning, materials etc. If you consider it is not the lack of resources but the lack of resourcefulness, you will find a way to get what you need! There are plenty of people who have done it before, they make excellent mentors.

Lastly, but but no means ‘leastly’…

Your goal is important and personal to you.

Be careful who you discuss this with as not everyone will have the same mindset and may discourage you. Remember their opinions are determined by their values, beliefs and experiences, these will be different from yours.

Surround yourself with positive people, people that will encourage you, people that can see your vision.

Enjoy the Journey!

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