Life’s Journey

As we travel through life it sometimes comes to our attention that where we are is no longer enough for us.
We become aware, perhaps for the first time, that life is broader than we first thought; has new horizons to offer.
We find that those around us may not have our thirst for knowledge, passion for adventure, desire for growth.
Their lack of curiosity can cloud our path, can hold us where we are, dissuade us from looking further afield.

So we seek a new path, in order to grow. A new direction.
We meet new friends on a similar journey connected by similar passions.
We learn from these people, and they in turn learn from us.
We hold on to these lessons.
We grow.

Again, after a while, our curiosity returns and our life’s journey moves forward again. We choose to take a different path. Some of our companions will not continue on with us. Where they are now is where they are supposed to be….and that’s OK.

Others may move forward too, but in a different direction to ours. We have to accept that their path moves towards their passions and desires. As their outcome may be a different goal to our own.

Our path will not always be smooth; we may stumble on the rough ground. It may take a while to get back on foot and continue. This journey can be long.  At times we will meet others, and they may not share the adventurous spirit. They try to protect us by bestowing fear. Remember, it is their fear.

During our journey, we will make decisions. Some good and some not so. Remember that each one would have been the best choice at the time and we would have to take the learnings from this. Gained knowledge. Gained strength.

There will be moment of great joy, sadness, strength, passion, enlightenment, selfishness and selflessness. All of which will enrich our lives and aide us along the way.

Life will sometimes feel like a ‘home run’ and at other times a ’hike.’
There will be times when we may like to stop and rest awhile, to ponder. Take in the scenery. Rethink. Then we may change direction from the original path; completely or just a few degrees. Whatever we choose to do is perfect.

There is no specified ‘end’ to the journey of discovery, improvement, self-awareness, and learning. Each person will have a different destination and hold a different map to that of their fellow travellers.

When they lose the desire, curiosity or need for more of what they were looking for…they STOP.
Contented, happy, relaxed, satisfied and enjoy the view.

So pack your case wisely, Remember leave behind any baggage that is no longer useful. Its heavy and may slow you down or hinder your choices.