About Me

sarah_maloneHello! I’m Sarah Malone

As a business women and busy mum, I understand how juggling personal well being, family life and career can sometimes be a challenge. There are times when keeping all the plates spinning can take real skill and effort! It is usually our own personal welfare that gets put aside in favour of other commitment.

Sometimes a bit of extra support is all that is needed to keep us on the right path!

When some aspects of my life became difficult, I found myself suffering with bouts of stress and anxiety. I looked for ways to feel better and improve my life and was to drawn solution based therapies.

Being of a curious mind, one book then led to another and another. This interest soon became more than a hobby and led me to study many aspects of health and well being.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.

Walt Whitman

I found that being a proactive person my real interest was in Life Coaching as not only did it deal with issues but it also helped me to take charge and make plans for the future. I gained knowledge and invaluable skills that enable me to create my life, not just live it!

My interest in how people could change and exceed their expectations grew. So although it started out as a self-improvement curiosity it has turned into a passion that has led me to re-educate myself to enable me to offer professional help to others. I am a qualified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Trainer, EFT Practitioner and CPCAB Tutor.

The skills I have gained from the combination of qualifications enables me to custom-fit therapy to individuals needs.

I continually update my skills and knowledge through research, courses and seminars, to keep me abreast of any developments in therapeutic theory and practice.

I am also an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist providing therapeutic support to the charity’s members & partner beneficiaries. I am subject to Anxiety UK’s regular monitoring of my professional qualifications, supervision, continual professional development, insurance & professional body membership in addition to complying with the ethical framework & professional standards set down by my registered governing body.