For Life’s Journey

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Life is a personal journey.

The road we travel is determined by circumstances and the choices we make along the way. We all have ups and downs, but our path is unique. Often the fast moving, busy and seemingly out of control world we live in creates many challenges and issues for us all. These stresses can affect aspects of our personal wellbeing and the balance between life and work can seem impossible to get right.

Throughout the ages we have all needed a little help finding our way at times. The Inuit people built human-like markers called Inukshuk (In-ook-shook) to act as guides for fellow travellers, ensuring that they found their way whilst journeying the circumpolar regions. They were a welcome sight indicating to the travellers that they were ‘on the right path’, motivating them to continue. A symbol of safety, friendship and hope. The Inuit people wanted others to succeed.

The Life Coaching course I undertook has given me the skills to help clients who want to change direction in their lives, achieve their goals and dreams and to gain a balanced lifestyle.

Tracie Highcliff

I too want you to succeed on your chosen path. As your coach, it is my job to support, guide and help to navigate you back on your way. By unraveling the complexities and challenges of a busy and sometimes stressful life, together we can create a clear path and plan the life road ahead for success.

Your journey can be changed and can become one that you are excited about, full of adventure, positive events and with you being confidently in control.

Today is the day you can make that change.

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