Say No to Resolutions this New Year, do this instead…

It is that time again as the year again – to make New Year’s Resolutions.  To start the year with good intentions of exercising, going on a diet, quitting smoking, getting a new job, moving home etc.

How many times you done this? How many times have you given up, been distracted or lost motivation?

Here’s a tip…

Don’t set Resolutions, set goals instead!

The main reason to do this is because a resolution feels restrictive, it feels over pressured, like you’re depriving yourself of something, it is like you have to do it. When it becomes a chore, motivation goes, guilt arrives, along with the feeling of failure.

Without the pressure of ‘MUST’, motivation just keeps on going.

As it is a New Year, I like to have something to look forward to.

I like to set goals instead of resolutions. These could be about something I would like to achieve, things I would like to do and places I would like to go throughout the year.
All written on a list and placed on the fridge, as a reminder every day.

Goals that are not written down are just Dreams.

Fitzhugh Dodson
In theory, part of my list is a bucket list. Things I want to experience, so they just need to be organised and booked into my year. I still include them, so that they are not forgotten.

Goal setting tips

  • Goals need to be written down, worked toward and monitored regularly. But they are flexible, so if something isn’t working, change it.
  • Larger Goals work best if they are broken down into smaller ones. These act as stepping stones towards a desired result. It is a good way to be able to measure how far you are away from reaching your goal. Each step is reached it gives a sense of achievement.
  • Has anyone else achieved this? How did they do it? People love to talk about how they achieved their success if they are asked. They may have some good tips for you.
  • Regularly Visualise what it will be like when you have reached your goal.  Think about how you will know when you have achieved this? What will you be doing? What will it feel like? etc
  • A Goal is more powerful if you are accountable for it, take ownership of it. With the help of a Life Coach you can have regular sessions to discuss your progress, make adjustments and explore new options. You are more likely to keep moving forward if you have to check in with someone else.
  • Stay focused. Write out your goal or have a symbol or picture that represents it and put in a prominent place where you see it everyday. This keeps it in the forefront of your mind. When we focus on something we notice things around us that are connected and it could be vital information that can help you.
  • Give yourself a realistic time scale and work your small stepping stones into that. So that by your end date you have reached your goal.
  • Most importantly Stay Positive, Believe in yourself and Take Action