Sticks and Stones may break my bones

…..but names will never hurt me.

We all remember that rhyme from our childhood.

It was the one that your parents repeated to you when you came home from school and told of your woes. As a parent now, I do understand why they said this.

I used to think ‘sticks and stones could break my bones, but name calling HURT

It certainly would not have done me any favours if I had have chanted it back to the perpetrator either!

The rhyme is wrong!

Roll on a few years and those playground incidents have all been forgotten…we have grown up. Older and wiser to be able to recognise that it was just kids being kids.

But have they really been forgotten? Deep down?

Issues that come up in adult life usually stem from childhood.  Weight problems, body image, rejection, self esteem and confidence seem to be the more common rogues that appear in a therapy session.

Hypnotherapy helps to find the root cause of this and deal with it on a subconscious level.

All our memories are stored away and only surface when they are triggered or requested to do so. Quite often we do not realise that the self destructive beliefs/behavior we have are a result of incidents from the past.

How does something said as a child still manage to affect our lives today?

It depends on whether we decided to believe what was being said at the time.

If we felt that what was said was not true or silly at the time, we would have been able to dismiss it. However, as young children we do not always question what is being said, especially if it comes from an adult. As adults know everything, so it must be right!

 She is ugly    

A pretty mean thing to hear, So the child will store this hurtful event in their memory. The emotion that they felt and their understanding at the time would also be stored.

Can’t you do anything right?

If another hurtful situation arose then this could also be taken as ‘truth’ and stored too. Thus compounding the belief system.

We don’t want him on our team, he is really slow.

These comments may have just been flippant, overheard, or spoken in anger or frustration, or even as a ‘harmless’ joke.

Are you stupid?

A point to note here would be that at 10 years old the understanding of what, why, the intention and the context of what was said would be different to that of an adult.

It is easier to reject a comment as insignificant when older. Unless the person already has this belief about themselves, then it will just reaffirm it. So the belief gets bigger and the emotion stronger.

Your getting a little belly there.

The mind will always find evidence to back up Beliefs. That is it how it works!

Ta Dah! 

Most of the time we will not be able to consciously recall where the belief has come from. We just know that that is how we feel about ourselves.

This will play a major role in what we do in Life, how we experience it, our relationships, career, communication, and most importantly, our self esteem.

Ordinarily, we do not often go back and address the cause, looking at it through the eyes of our Adult self.

Hypnotherapy enables you to do that.

Having a greater understanding of the circumstances that created the situation, can allow you to start to heal. This process of forgiveness can take time, dependent on the individual.
We experience and view things very differently as Adults compared to our childlike understanding; from a different perspective.  This does not devalue the pain that was caused, that we still carry around today, but by recognising the perpetrator’s own situation, issues or intention at the time can help us to look at the bigger picture.

When in trance-like state, you are able to access the unconscious mind and change these unwanted beliefs/ideas and reinforce with new positive ones.